Imagine playing Monopoly without knowing the rules.  Now, assume you are playing against a world champion.  What are your chances of winning?What are your chances of even staking claim to a few houses or hotels?  Most would agree it’s slim to none.  For complex games such as monopoly, understanding the rules is critical to survival.

Now translate that scenario to personal finance.  In our complex and everchanging financial world, people are NOT taught the rules.  There is limited education in any level of school (including some of the top tier MBA programs) and parents are often ill equipped to teach their children about smart money management.

Instead, most people must fend for themselves.  They must teach themselves how to invest, how to build a financial plan, how to evaluate homeownership and refinancing, how to avoid debt traps and how and where to save money.  To make matters worse, they are playing against highly trained world champions, also known as mortgage brokers, investment managers, retail companies, financial institutions, the list goes on.  They are playing monopoly without knowing the rules….and we expect them to win.  Go figure.

Alok Deshpande is a passionate personal finance expert and advocate.  Through his company, SmartPath Financial, Alok is on a journey to teach “Main Street” the rules of personal finance.  His philosophy is grounded in the basic principles of living debt free, saving for the future and investing wisely.  He believes each person has the power to change the trajectory of their family if they know the rules of the game.

Prior to starting SmartPath, Alok spent 10 years as an advisor to leading consumer product companies and financial institutions.  He was born and raised in a middle class home in Atlanta and credits his parents for showing him the true path to financial freedom.  Alok holds a BBA with highest distinction from Emory University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

You can find out more about Alok at

Financial Wellness Programs

Alok’s company, SmartPath Financial, offers financial wellness programs for a range of companies through live seminars, webinars, and software solutions.  To find out more about these sessions, visit

Individual Financial Coaching

In addition, SmartPath offers unique personal financial coaching sessions.  These sessions are designed to .  For information, email SmartPath Coaching at

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